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  Introducing "Korea Game Watch"  

Several times in the past, I mentioned in Korean Insight that I had plans to roll out a blog on Korea¡¯s online game industry. I have been working on it ever since, and I¡¯m pleased to say that it is now somewhat ready for its purpose.

Korea Game Watch began with the idea that there is a need for media that works as a bridge between Korean game developers and foreign publishers/investors that want to export/import games abroad. Despite the huge popularity of Korean online MMORPGs and FPS in the global game market, there has not been a ¡°total¡± media service that provides quick updates on Korean game industry to foreigners. Korea Game Watch is here to do just that - to provide inside information on the trends of Korea¡¯s game market.

For now, we are focusing more on our role as a news outlet (the site being at beta stage now), but we plan to gradually expand our services in the upcoming future, providing services that incorporate professional insights and information.

Some of the services we are preparing to launch include:
¡¤ market research data
¡¤ in-depth market analyses
¡¤ feature articles
¡¤ exclusive interviews with development studios
¡¤ comprehensive overviews and breakdown of game publishers and developers in Korea

Furthermore, we seek to ultimately become a ¡°bridge¡± that connects business entities together and aids in complementary partner-finding. Consulting can be involved here, which is an area of expertise to us. Incorporating knowledge we have gained from managing Korean Insight and our company, Veyond Partners, we are here to provide and create opportunities for all those interested in Korean online game industry. Behind the global achievements of Korean online games, there will always be Korea Game Watch.

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Please enjoy, and wait for the next update on Korean Insight!


Yours Yunho Chung
Managing Partner, Veyond Partners

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