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Mind the virus!

On my way to office this morning, I dropped in the Starbucks for my double shot Americano.
Due to the radical temperature change between outside and inside the coffee house,
I had a fit of sneezing. I was a bit embraced because I was close to spilling my coffee. But people inside the coffee house seemed even more embraced. They made a wry face and tried to stay away from me. Some people even left the coffee shop so quickly.

This is all about the flu (H1N1 influenza). Korean people are now so sensitive to flu especially in the public place. According to an article in today¡¯s daily newspaper, Korean people are overreacting to flu. In fact, there were total 3,962 confirmed cases in Korea as of last Friday. And only three have died (i.e. a mortality rate of 0.08%). This figure is lower than that of other developed countries including US (1~1.5%). I am not an expert on this matter and thus I don¡¯t have much to say about this.

However, as an expert of Korean IT, I hope Korean people become more sensitive to computer virus as they are to flu. Prevention is more important than cure and this applies to both flu and computer virus. The news on DDOS attack was not something that I could share with the sense of pride. I hope to fill my newsletter with more exciting Korean TMT news such as new technology, new service, and new business model.

This month¡¯s letter is sent with my wish for good health of your body and computer.


Yours Yunho Chung
Managing Partner, Veyond Partners

  Topic of the Week  


iPhone in Korea
August 18th, 2009


There is a battle outside and it is raging, for two Korean giants are struggling. KT & SKT threw all their strengths in the fight, downsizing investments and innovation. The recent interesting events concerning a hypothetic launch of iPhone are a part of this bigger picture.

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  Trend and Issue  

LG becomes second in fixed?line telecommunication market
August 26th, 2009

After 8 years of constant efforts, LG Dacom conquers again the second position in the competitive Korean fixed-line telecommunication market, beating SK Broadband of few inches in the first half of the year.

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WiBro now used for VoIP

August 13th, 2009

To be open or not to be open, that is the question for Korea¡¯s IT industry. It is difficult to judge what right answer is. But the market is obviously shifting toward the openness.

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Sequel to July DDS : the bot problem
August 10th, 2009

Among all modern banes, spam is one of the most irritating. The quarterly MacAfee ( link ) report indicates spams reached a new all-time record and accounts now for 92% of all-mail activity.

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Early Korean IT Industry
August 5th, 2009


Before my career as a consultant and the founding of my firm, Korea was already on the move in the IT field. How the success story began may interest you.

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