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Korean Summer¡¯s Hot topics.

When one becomes complacent, one becomes venerable too. I think this happens to Korea¡¯s TMT sector
last week. As you might be well aware of it, Korea is quite proud of its being world¡¯s most wired country.
That¡¯s why I, as a consultant from Korea, could advise a government organization of one of the OECD
countries regarding their long term broadband infrastructure development plan.

Yet, the leading broadband country has been complacent and thus becomes venerable. One of circumstances
was the DDoS attack last week. The detailed story is in the letter. However, there is a positive result too.
Due to the DDoS happenings, Korea will be better aware of the importance of cyber-security in the future.
What matters is Korea should not repeat the same mistakes. In this regard, it is right time for Korea¡¯s TMT
sector to reflect its status quo more objectively.

In this edition, I reviewed LG Electronics¡¯ AppStore business. I included LG¡¯s walled garden strategy.
In addition, I also wrote an article about Korea¡¯s 4G strategy. The Korean government takes a kind of mixed
strategy: to protect local norm (WiBro) and at the same time ensuring local handsets makers are ready to
sustain global leadership with LTE devices. Will the hunter who chases two rabbits catch both?

Stay in tune with Korean Insight to see what¡¯s happening in the dynamic Korean TMT market. If you or any
one of your contacts wants help to catch the trend in Korean market, we are always welcome to do so.

Yours Yunho Chung
Managing Partner, Veyond Partners

  Topic of the Week  


Future in Korea : WiBro or LTE ?
July 17th, 2009


Last Sunday, the Korean Blue House (the presidential office) publicized Ericsson¡¯s plan to invest $1.5 billion in Korea for the R&D of LTE technology. The statement came after a meeting of Korean President Lee Myung-bak and Ericsson`s CEO Hans Vestberg in Sweden. The Blue House touted...

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  Trend and Issue  

Awareness of cybersecurity to increase
July 20th, 2009

There is a swedish saying was that goes, ¡± Worry gives a small thing a big shadow¡±. This saying rings true, considering the recent cyberattacks on Korea. The current shadow is quite ominous despite no serious harm nor data-hacking was committed, but...

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LG App store
July 15th, 2009

To be open or not to be open, that is the question for Korea¡¯s IT industry. It is difficult to judge what right answer is. But the market is obviously shifting toward the openness. This week, however, LG App Store beta-version is launched.

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Did you say ¡± Olleh¡± ?
July 10th, 2009

After its recent merge with its mobile phone subsidiary KTF, KT adopted yesterday new corporate identity and new logo : ¡± Olleh KT¡±. Exit the corporate neutral blue, KT endorses now a passionate red and...

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AION: Good start in Japan
July 9th, 2009

Korean Companies are confident in their ability to leverage cultural proximity and their deep insights into Asian market to enter Japan, still quite resistant to western giants such as Facebook or Google.

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