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Recently I frequently get inquires regarding on Korean Telecom, Media, Technology sector from all continents.
People who are sending quires vary such as from academics, consultants, industry professionals and even non profit organization people.

These inquires can be classified in to several themes and provide me an interesting implication.
What interest me most is that these themes reflect the real voices of the Globe revealing what are the hottest topics currently. (It is like Google Trend. I can definitely tell what are the hottest topics in TMT sector globally by just reading these inquires)

Among different themes, the most sought after theme is related to ¡®Broadband¡¯.
For me, as a person living and working in Korea, Broadband is not a big and sexy topic any more.
But as said before, based on the queries I get globally I can exactly notify that in the era of Recession, many countries are focusing heavily on Broadband.

If you agree on my above message, please do keep close eye on ¡®What is the current status of Korean Broadband¡¯. The more you look in to this area the better you can get interesting implications and even great either business/academic idea.

Welcome to our Newsletter sent from the Nation of Broadband, South Korea.


Yours Yunho Chung
Managing Partner, Veyond Partners

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