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This edition of is our last newsletter of this year. Since our first Newsletter, we have tried to deliver the trends & insights of Korean Technology landscape, which is one of the most advanced markets globally, hoping that this Newsletter can be a useful tool to reflect your work/industry in a constructive way.

Faced with global economic downturn recently,the most sought after goal for next year among industry leaders will be ¡®Surviving the Ice Age¡¯. If you agree on the above, how about looking at what were the key developments in 2008 Korean Technology market which can provide an insightful lessons. Thus our team has carefully selected the Top 10 Developments in 2008 Korean Technology Market (focusing on Communications/Mobile/Media/Internet) Hope it can provide several helpful guiding implications to all of you. Big thanks for your geneours suport this year and we will try to endeavor in order to suit your needs in 2009 continulsy.

Yours Yunho Chung
Managing Partner, Veyond Partners

  Topic of the Week  

Top 10 Developments in 2008 Korean Technology Market
December 30th, 2008


-2008 Top 10 News on Korean Technology Market: Part 1-

1. WIPI is gone
2. Global companies rush to Korea
3. Touch screen phone makes huge hit
4. IPTV is rising
5. VoIP is becoming the Defacto

-2008 Top 10 News on Korean Technology Market: Part 2-

6. WiBro (Mobile WiMax) is going global
7. Korea, Nation of e-Democracy
8. Consolidation deepens in communication industry
9. Changes on regulatory body
10. Transforming to 3G

  Trend and Issue  

SK Telecom is going to make Mobile Application Store like Apple¡¯s App Store December 29th, 2008

According to KCC(Korea Communications Commission) and SK Telecom, SK Telecom, the leading mobile operator in Korea, will make online marketplace for mobile application in 2009.

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Naver merged me2day(me2day.net), the Korean version of twitters December 24th, 2008

Yesterday Naver(naver.com) announced that they merged me2day(me2day.net). Naver is Korean number 1 internet portal web site. me2day is micro blog web service...

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VoIP is now HOT in Korea
December 23th, 2008

Now VoIP is hitting Korean communication market. From October 31 number portability for VoIP has began to apply, which means that people were able to change their fixed phone to VoIP without changing phone number.

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Voice over Wibro will come next year
December 24th, 2008

KCC (Korea Communications Commission) allowed Voice over Wibro service from next year. KCC is hoping that Wibro market will be more active with this decision. Wibro subscribers in Korea are only 200 thousand since its launching in 2006.

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Google Korea started to provide free Wi-Fi at Starbucks
December 22th, 2008

Google Korea started to provide free Wi-Fi at Starbucks with KT. This is the first aggressive marketing in Korean market, also it is the first off-line marketing in Korea. Actually Starbucks Korea and KT already set up KT¡¯s Wi-Fi network, called Nespot, at Starbucks¡¯ stores three years ago, which was not free.

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